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Pedicab Rides


I am available by appointment for pedicab rides and if anybody is interested in buying prints I have a mobile selection. Schedule three to seven days in advance.

Selling Directly on the Streets


As far as selling prints goes I prefer leaving out the middlemen. Who cares about their agendas, their leases, their proprietorship in the matter of other people’s work? A quick thanks for your support to these people for buying from the source.

The Mythical Eye


The Messenger


Proof of Light


Proof of Light

Thoroughly Rejected

Proof of Light


There’s nothing better than being self-employed.

I will also will have the Kwiatkowski ExPress available for all home Broncos games. Riding a pedicab is faster than walking, environmentally safe and, above all, fun.


Last fall guerilla film-maker John Hartman of Reel Groovy Films collaborated with me to produce Conecutter. Feel free to enjoy the story and adventure.