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There’s nothing better than being self-employed.

I will also will have the Kwiatkowski ExPress available for all home Broncos games. Riding a pedicab is faster than walking, environmentally safe and, above all, fun.


Last fall guerilla film-maker John Hartman of Reel Groovy Films collaborated with me to produce Conecutter. Feel free to enjoy the story and adventure.


I am available to give pedicabs in Downtown Denver during the weekends. I also have some limited edition conecut prints for sale that I store under the seat. I am an art smuggler. Buy direct from the conecutter!


Anybody in Denver who wants to buy some prints, Studio Colfax (2418 East Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80206) has some available. They also might have a few limited-edition clothing items left from a brief collaboration with clothing designer, Lawless Ambition.


Anybody here in Denver feel free to hit me up for a ride aboard my pedicab, The Kwiatkowski ExPress. I also have prints available for sale.


Art as activism


Party’s Over

Party's Over

Insulin Uprising

A Birthday Wheatpaste