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In the summer of 1999, Frank Kwiatkowski experimented with a traffic cone by splicing it open and using the cone as a template for relief prints. He has spent the past eighteen years designing, carving and pressing prints. He coined the term "conecuts". Many other artists have used the traffic cone based on this originator. This is the site where the father of conecuts displays his work.

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"Frank Conecutter Kwiatkowski is my favorite Denver artist . . . Frank has a unique creative voice and is almost monastic in his rigorous commitment to his practice and to the ethic of DIY. He's a Denver native -- born at St. Anthony's -- and has a very proletarian and unique view of the challenges of being a diabetic Denver artist."

Peter Miles Bergman


"If art is an organ, Kwiatkowski lives inside of it. It's just everywhere--all over the walls, the fixtures, the bathtub."

Frank Serrano

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